The Scroll Stopper.

The Scroll Stopper

With increasing difficulty in catching online consumer interest, brands are  experimenting with nuanced visual tricks to make audiences stop and take notice.

The majority of the image is static, however, there some moving elements within the cinemagraph that give the image its subtle and attractive nature

The Price is Right

Brands gain all the benefits of video without paying full video production price and their click-through rates justify their utility.

Ditch Homepage Video

Use Cinemagraphs instead of video on Your webpage and enjoy 4k high resolution while increasing loading speeds and improving google ratings…

You can place cinemagraphs easily in Your emails – both as main message or interesting footer, easily share them through Facebook, Instagram or use them on digital displays in stores or outdoor.

Unobtrusive but Effective

Cinemagraphs aren’t pop-up ads or annoying banners. You can find these placed within emails, Facebook or Instagram feeds or as main elements of webpages.